Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Hanging around

My watercolours along the short wall with Sue's to the right
© Teresa Kirkpatrick 2010

The Artscape Arts 2010 exhibition is up - more or less - and nobody is more surprised than the five of us taking part this year.  We'd been warned that the upstairs room at Artscape would have a little less hanging space than usual, so I guess we'd all brought along pieces which could be hung in a variety of ways;  and several of us had been prepared to take stuff home again if there wasn't room to hang it.

Helen's colourful linocuts
© Teresa Kirkpatrick 2010

We arrived promptly - a little too promptly as it turned out, they weren't quite ready for us.  As it was a lovely sunny day we sat outside a local café with coffee and doughnuts for a while; then returned to get hanging.  Everyone had decided to put up their work in at least two tiers (Sue went for three) and we worked solidly for a couple of hours, with J helping out as usual - he hung all of my stuff and quite a bit of Helen's too, bless him!  Judi finished first; I don't have a photo of her glass display so that will have to wait for a future blog.  When she left I think the rest of us had about half of our work in place . . .

Hillary's display of photos and 3D work starting to take shape . . .
© Teresa Kirkpatrick 2010

Undaunted, we pressed on, until - amazement!  Helen had found hanging space for far more prints than she'd expected, Hillary had room for everything she wanted to show.  Sue was planning to print and frame an additional black and white photo to finish her wall, and I had to send J home to bring a couple of extra canvas photo prints to fill mine.  How did that happen?  we even had room for Hillary's funky bubble wrap snake!

my photo canvases, Helen's mono linocuts and Hillary's funky snake
© Teresa Kirkaptrick 2010

The Artscape Arts exhibition is open for the whole of September (not Sundays or Friday mornings) and at least one of us - more likely two - will be at Artscape on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from September 11th onwards as part of Herts Open Studios (Thursdays and Saturdays 10am - 4pm, Fridays 1pm - 4pm).  Hope to see you there!

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  1. It's a good job hanging pictures - it can be a bit of a test of skill at times but it's great to see a lovely art exhibition taking shape where before there had been only blank walls and dullness. I think this year's exhibition is even better than last year's (which was very good) - a wonderful variety of work on display, full of colour and interest!