Sunday, 27 March 2011

arrivederci, Venezia!

sunrise, Riva del Schiavoni
© Teresa Newham 2011

We recently went to Venice.  It was our honeymoon, in fact - and a more romantic place I can't think of.  Canals, gondolas, churches, palaces - and no traffic.  Bitterly cold weather but sunny most of the time;  it was just before the Carnival so masks and costumes abounded but  the city was not too crowded.  As we walked the streets hand-in-hand for four days, I still found time to take over 400 photos . . .  some are the usual holiday snaps, some I will turn into prints and cards, some I will use as the basis for watercolours and printmaking.

And the handful I've posted to the photos on the run page on my websiteare exactly that - snatched in a hurry or at random, some at waist level, some point-and-shoot-and-hope-for-the-best.  There's a shop window - one of my favourite subjects, as you can get some great reflections.  And one of some sunshine hitting shutters in such a way to turn them to copper colour.  Carnival masks - I used to find these quite creepy but in context they are striking and full of local colour.

I would love to visit Venice again some time.  Still, she's given me enough inspiration to last for a while!

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  1. Yes it was a spectacular four days and a spectacular set of photos came out of it!