Monday, 13 January 2014

A walk round the corner - November, December, January

the first field - November 2013
© Teresa Newham
So - time for an update on how we're getting on with our regular countryside walks, as published on this blog in October! We managed to ignore our own advice in November and set off without wellies.  Must admit, we nearly turned back when we saw the state of the first field, all churned up by the horses hooves . . .

the old oak - November 2013
© Teresa Newham
. . .  but we managed to navigate the mud and make it across to the next lane, which runs between the two fields.  The hedgerows were full of bronze ferns and there were still some leaves clinging to the oak tree at the far end of the first  field.

last of the ferns - November 2013
© Teresa Newham
Everything had gone a bit straggly and muddy at the entrance to the second field, but the trees still appeared to have their leaves, which were just on the turn:

the second field - November 2013
© Teresa Newham
By the time we took our December walk (wearing those wellies!)  it was a little drier underfoot and we were able to appreciate the last of the Autumn colours along the railway line:

the first field - December 2013
© Teresa Newham
The old oak was practically bare by now and when the sun disappeared behind the clouds I thought we'd had the best of the light . . .

the old oak - December 2013
© Teresa Newham
. . .  but when we got out into the lane between the two fields the sun came out again and lit up the trees beautifully (we'd walked a little further than usual and found some lovely woods).

last of the leaves - December 2013
© Teresa Newham

To our surprise we found catkins at the entrance to the second field - I hadn't realised that some trees and bushes carry them in winter!

the second field - December 2013
© Teresa Newham
It's been so wet recently that I wondered if we'd make it over the first field during January; yesterday's hard frost encouraged us to try a morning walk, and we weren't the only ones, as these dog-walkers prove . . .

the first field - January 2014
© Teresa Newham
It was bitterly cold; the puddles were frozen and frost was still clinging to the grass and to the foliage in the hedges:

frosted leaves - January 2014
© Teresa Newham
The oak tree is completely bare now.  You really get to see a tree in winter, and this one is spectacular!

the old oak - January 2014
© Teresa Newham
We made it as far as the second field and went a little way down the lane - more sheltered than the fields, there was less frost here.  And as we walked back the remaining frost was melting almost before our eyes.

the second field - January 2014
© Teresa Newham
The next installment of this photo diary is due in April.  Which should mean Spring - shouldn't it? we'll have to wait and see!

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  1. Stunning photographs - lovely colours and details.