Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Here comes the sun . . . .

Art on the Common 2015
~ sketch by Teresa Newham
Regular readers of this blog will recall the fun we've had over the years at  Art on the Common - dodging gales, rain, hail, thunder and bitter cold - but this year came good with glorious sunshine throughout.  True, there was a chilly breeze on the Saturday - one or two bits and pieces went flying, and I found myself wearing a fleece as well as a sun hat - but that's par for the course with an open-air event.

our stall with straw bales on the Common behind us ahead of the Carnival celebrations
© Teresa Newham
This year we set up just outside the entrance to Rothamsted Park - much nearer town than usual - as our regular spot was taken up by Saturday's celebrations for the 50th Anniversary of Harpenden Carnival.  The new location was a lot easier if we wanted to fetch a coffee from the local café, and meant that diners in the nearby restaurants and visitors to the park could see that there was an exhibition on.  We also had an excellent view of the Carnival procession:

colourful floats and costumes in the Carnival procession
© Teresa Newham
The shadows crept across the grass as the afternoon wore on, and the stalls were bathed in dappled light.  There was wonderful pottery and ornaments on show as well as paintings and photography - around twenty to thirty local artists displaying their work.

evening shadows stealing across the grass
© Teresa Newham
If anything, Sunday was even brighter, and the good weather continued to draw the crowds - we had even more would-be customers than on the previous day - and luckily we'd put out a table and chairs, as many of our friends paused for a sit-down and a chat.

Sunday morning ~ the sun is still out!
© Teresa Newham
Despite the constant stream of visitors I did find time to make a few quick sketches, even if I did have to finish one or two from memory as people moved on - as I started to draw a group of teenagers sitting on the grass their mum arrived to take them home and I had to turn one of them into a backpack . . . . !

quick on-the-spot sketches
© Teresa Newham
All in all it was an excellent weekend, and I had great fun sharing a pitch with Hillary Taylor again.  Here's to next year!

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