Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Backwards and Forwards

Ladies chatting - pen sketch
© Teresa Newham
New Year is a time for looking back, as well as forward.  A flick through my sketchbooks reminds me that 2015 was the year I finally started to carry one with me most of the time.  As the weather warmed up, anyone who stopped for a chat or sat down for a picnic became a potential subject - particularly if - like the ladies above - they were so absorbed in their conversation that they didn't spot me scribbling away.

bench, Portmagee - Zig pen sketch
© Teresa Newham
When I began to draw a tourist sitting on a bench at Portmagee harbour I thought I was in luck - he was intent on his smartphone - but I knew things would change as soon as his girlfriend arrived.  Sure enough, within a minute or two they were heading somewhere else and I had to finish the drawing from memory.  For some reason, I decided they were French - they did look rather chic - but I never got close enough to find out.

Ladies chatting, Childwickbury - pen sketch
© Teresa Newham

These ladies deep in conversation at Childwickbury Arts Fair were too good to miss.  I was sitting in some shade on the other side of the stable yard and I don't think they even saw me.  Like me, they were taking a good long rest and were still nattering away when I moved on.

Dog's day out on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway - Zig pen sketch
© Teresa Newham

A captive subject is always welcome:  and the couple sitting across the aisle from me in the railway carriage had a dog with them.  Too good to miss!  I managed to complete this sketch while the train was waiting to leave Pickering Station.  Just as well, because the two-hour journey to Whitby by steam was so enthralling that I didn't draw anything else until we arrived - when I managed the quick impression of Whitby Abbey, below.  At least that wasn't going to get up and walk off . . .

Whitby Abbey - Zig pen sketch
© Teresa Newham

As the weather worsened and the days shortened, my enthusiasm for outdoor sketching waned somewhat, even when we spent another week in Kerry.  But I couldn't resist making the drawing below, from the comfort of a brightly-lit conservatory with a wonderful view - it would have been rude not to!

Valentia from Kilkeaveragh - Zig pen sketch
© Teresa Newham

I don't make New Year's Resolutions - far too easily broken - but I must get into the habit of sketching again.  Whatever the weather!

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  1. Great sketches! I do admire the talent to be able to get something interesting down in such a short space of time.