Saturday, 26 March 2016

A Celtic Cross for Easter

the Celtic cross - a powerful and ancient symbol
original linocut by Teresa Newham

For my Easter card design this year I've turned to the image of the Celtic cross.  As anyone who is interested in Celtic imagery knows, there are many stories about its origins and history.  For me as a Catholic it symbolises the sun (Son) rising behind the cross of crucifixion, and reminds me that we come to the love of God through our sorrows and difficulties in life.

This day was made by the Lord
Let us rejoice, let us be glad
This day was made by the Lord
Let us rejoice in salvation.

Whatever problems or hardships you might be facing right now, I wish you a happy and blessed Easter in the love of Christ.

the Celtic Cross in a variety of colour combinations
original linocut design by Teresa Newham

1 comment:

  1. Great design - deceptively simple and so powerful. Have sent these to friends for Easter. Love the range of colours and the subtlety of the backgrounds.