Saturday, 30 March 2019

screens and scribbles

playing with colour
iPhone drawing © Teresa Newham

I suppose it was inevitable.  The moment I put down the David Hockney art books my husband gave me for Christmas, with their pages and pages of drawings made on an iPhone and iPad, I reached for my own devices and started playing.

cartoon faces
iPhone drawings © Teresa Newham

Hockney's images are, of course, little masterpieces, often crudely drawn but always with a real sense of the subject.  My efforts are basically doodles made while working out how to use the Brushes app.

playing with layers
iPad drawings © Teresa Newham

I started with patterns and imaginary faces - cartoon-like line drawings or more considered layered images, as I tried to build volume and shading.  The thought of being able to dash off a quick sketch on my iPhone, any time, any place, anywhere, was exciting.

loving Vincent (night)
iPad drawing © Teresa Newham

Another Christmas present - a DVD of the amazing animated painted film Loving Vincent - had me doodling away in a rough approximation of the style of Vincent van Gogh.  I was surprised at how effective the daytime picture turned out to be, despite the speed with which I laid it down.

loving Vincent (day)
iPad drawing © Teresa Newham

More recently I've been following in Hockney's footsteps again, by dashing off quick interpretations of items round the house.  At some point I will get back to "proper" sketching, but for now the digital version has me hooked!

loving Hockney
iPad drawings © Teresa Newham

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