Saturday, 30 May 2020

Lockdown Lino

source photos and the design transferred to lino
© Teresa Newham

Since lockdown began, I've realised I need to find a way to make art in spite of my current inability to concentrate for long.  I've been watching some excellent YouTube videos by Laura Boswell and become really keen to try some of her tips and techniques (do check them out - she's into her second series now with a third one planned).

one of my new Pfeil linocut tools - a work of art in themselves
© Teresa Newham

Back in January I designed a pair of linocuts of a duck and a drake, tracing the outline of the birds from some photos I took on Harpenden Common a few years ago and adapting each one for printing. I got no further because I couldn't decide how to tackle the background.  Now seems a good time to experiment!

fun with colour mixing
© Teresa Newham

So far I've stained the lino to see the cutting more easily; prevented the carbon transferring to the print by curing it first; and painted some of the background onto the lino with watercolour before cutting it.  I just love the new Pfeil linocut tools I was given for Christmas, which are comfortable and easy to use.

painting the background before cutting
© Teresa Newham

I'm taking things slowly. It suits my mood to leave the prints a week or so to dry between each layer, giving me time to work out the next stage and how to approach it - some of the layers are more transparent than others.  It's complicated, but it's fun and it's keeping me occupied. If I'm happy with the result, I'll show you how the prints turn out!

sky, grass and shadow completed - now for the rest!
© Teresa Newham

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  1. Glad those tools have proved useful! A really delicate design - looks lovely.