Tuesday, 30 June 2020

30 degrees in the shade

watercolour by Teresa Newham

I've had no urge to paint for some weeks, preferring to concentrate on my linocut project; but the day after a hot and sticky print session in last week's heat, the thought of spending an afternoon cutting lino just didn't appeal.  Only some wet and splashy watercolour would do.

inspiration and initial wash
© Teresa Newham

With all the doors and windows open and a vase of sunflowers at my side to provide some inspiration, I put a variety of colours into my palette, laid down some washes on a sheet of Arches watercolour paper, and let the painting develop however it wanted.  It more or less painted itself.

the painting evolves
© Teresa Newham

Looking back, I realise I've painted the way I was feeling that afternoon, rather than the flowers; there was definitely some longing for Mediterranean sky and sea, the need for a cool drink and perhaps a little breeze.   And now the weather is cool and rainy again, I'm back to the lino!

the finished piece
© Teresa Newham


  1. Lovely, lovely painting! Love them! Wonderful bright colours. Van Gogh Mark 2!

    1. thanks! not quite in Vincent's league, I fear . . . x