Thursday, 15 October 2020

Fields and foliage


a field glimpsed through a hedgerow
© Teresa Newham

Summer finished early this year, with a damp and chilly Autumn taking its place. I continue to walk the surrounding lanes in almost all weathers, dodging the rain, with a camera at the ready.  The walks are so much more interesting at this time of year - as long as you have the right clothes - and shoes!

Autumn shadows
© Teresa Newham

When the sun has been out it's been quite low in the sky, throwing some wonderfully atmospheric shadows; when it hasn't been shining it's still been possible to capture some splendid foliage in all its glory. A great deal of timely rain during the summer has resulted in lush hedgerows.

foliage and fencing
© Teresa Newham

My favourite field (yes, I do have one) has changed in the space of a month; freshly ploughed and sown during September, it's now displaying the first signs of growth.  I almost always take a photo when I pass it or cross it, and have made various sketches of it; now I'm thinking it would make a good subject for a linocut.

my favourite field
© Teresa Newham

I've spotted a lot of holly in different stages of development while I've been out walking; all of it providing vitally nutritious food for birds as the weather gets colder and the nights draw in.  I realised with a jolt last week that it's almost time to put the clocks back - how did that happen?

holly in all its glory
© Teresa Newham

Ivy is a major source of nectar for insects right now - is it my imagination, or is it flowering more lavishly this year? We have plenty at home but there's even more in the surrounding countryside; it's good to know that the bees still out and about won't be going hungry this year!

flowering ivy
© Teresa Newham

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