Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Lavender blues

Lavender Fields II
original watercolour & gouache by Teresa Newham

During my annual visit with my cousin to Hitchin Lavender, I found myself thinking yet again that I should use the photos I took there as the basis for a lavender painting. This year I went one step further and put something down on paper when I got home.

source photos and initial sketch
© Teresa Newham

I masked out some figures picking the lavender so that I could freely paint the various washes.  I built the image up in layers, adding in  some cornfields on the left horizon to balance out those on the right, painted in the figures, and stood back for a final look.

building up the painting in layers
© Teresa Newham

I didn't like it.

Some parts of the picture worked - I thought I'd captured the light on the lavender, and the sense of a wide open space - but oh, how I wished I hadn't included those figures.  They interrupted the sweep of the hill and just looked wrong.  I was going to have to put the whole thing in the bin . . .

the first version of the painting
© Teresa Newham

Except that I didn't put it in the bin, dear readers - because some of it did work, and I plain refused to give up. I painted out the figures, added more colour and spattered a lot of gouache in the foreground to give the impression of flowers.  After all, who's ever going to know? 😉

the final version is not all that it seems!
© Teresa Newham

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