Sunday, 27 February 2011

photos on the run

A recent on-line discussion about photography has rekindled my enthusiasm for taking photos on the run.  It's something I've neglected recently, and there really is no excuse:  I bought a mobile phone with a pretty good camera on it precisely so I could take random shots out and about without lugging my camera everywhere!  of course, it's not as good as a 'real' camera but the images taken can spring a surprise.  For example, these two shots of St Paul's Cathedral were taken in far more colourful conditions than the phone camera could cope with;  but the results look almost black and white apart from the green traffic light in the first photo and the red London bus in the second one.  If I'd tried to get that effect deliberately, it wouldn't have worked!

© Teresa Newham 2011

© Teresa Newham 2011

I've enjoyed taking off-the-cuff images so much during the past month or so that I've created a new page on this blog specifically for photos like these - December 2011: the photos have moved here to my website.  I've started it off with five of my favourite shots.  I intend to update the new page regularly . . . so watch this space!

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  1. These look great! It's amazing what effects you can get with supposedly 'inferior' technology. All the images are interesting and unusual - keep it up!