Friday 30 December 2011

gifts and gorillapods

Christmas stuff
© Teresa Newham 2011
Christmas, so long anticipated, is over;  and we've been using this period between Christmas and New Year to rest a bit and recharge our batteries.  Thanks to my family's enthusiastic use of my Amazon Wishlist, I've a ton of books to read:  the first one I opened was the amazing Linda McCartney - a Life in Photographs.  It's easy to forget that Linda Eastman was a respected photographer before she married Paul McCartney.  The first part of the book contains many fascinating images of famous rock stars of the '60s and '70s;  the second part is mainly the McCartney children and their father.  But they are no mere snapshots - Linda McCartney had an eye, and it shows.

gorillapod noir
© Teresa Newham 2011
The second photography-related gift I received was my crazy and clever Gorillapod.   Every budding photographer should have one!  I'm still to explore the full potential of this little bendy wonder but I'm in love with it already.  You can use it as an ordinary tripod, or to balance your camera on an uneven surface, or hang it off anything it will attach itself to, in order to get that elusive shot.   Or just put it somewhere you can't get to yourself, as in the photo below:

pots and brushes
© Teresa Newham 2011
I've also been given Photoshop Elements, and a dummies' guide to it:  so that sorts out my photography project for 2012 (and possibly beyond, depending how complicated it is to get to grips with).  And various art-related books: watercolour, printmaking, collage.  The possibilities are endless.

Finally, I'd like to wish readers of this blog a blessed and inspired 2012.  Happy New Year!

Saturday 17 December 2011

a Christmas message

Holy Family
limited edition linocut
© Teresa Newham 2011

Christmas is nearly upon us.  It's a time of preparation  -  of presents, food and decorations, certainly, but for Christians it's also the season of Advent - a time of preparation for our minds and hearts.  We are called upon to be ready: not simply to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, but ready for him to be born again within us.  That can be quite a challenge at this time of year!  And in that spirit, let me wish everyone who reads this blog - whatever your beliefs - blessings and peace this Christmas.