Monday, 27 November 2017

One year on . . .

 Two of my bird monoprints displayed alongside printmaking by Susan Edwards,
acrylics by Clive Patterson, glass by Opal Seabrook, ceramics by Elspeth Keith.
© Teresa Newham

It's been a year since my first visit to Gallery32, the artists' co-operative situated above the Fleetville Vintage Emporium opposite the Rats Castle Pub in Hatfield Road, St Albans.   Last Saturday I went there for my regular shift at the gallery, and took some pieces along which I'm looking forward to seeing hung.

cards and smaller items by various artists
at the entrance to the Gallery
© Teresa Newham

A lot has changed in a year - there are glass cabinets containing jewellery and other small items at the entrance, and a wide variety of greetings cards in the rack - plenty to tempt the casual visitor as well as the more committed customer!

browser items by yours truly and Hillary Taylor, oils and monoprints by Debbie Knight
© Teresa Newham

There is even more art hung on the staircase now, and a few pictures are currently displayed on gridwall just inside the door of Debbie's studio, which itself gives people the opportunity to see an artist making something - even when she's not there, there is usually a work in progress to take a look at.

artwork by Debbie Knight and Susan Edwards,
ceramics by Elspeth Keith, glass by Opal Seabrook
© Teresa Newham

Alongside paintings, drawings and prints there are glass pieces and ceramics - truly something for everyone.  And if you enjoy looking through vintage items there are many, many stalls in the Emporium itself.  So if you're thinking of coming to take a look, I'd allow a little time . . . .

colourful stalls in the Fleetville Vintage Emporium
© Teresa Newham

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Highly Strung

Flowering Cherry displayed with some lively pieces
© Teresa Newham

As the annual Harpenden Arts Club exhibition drew near, I began to wonder if I had bitten off more than I  could chew.  Buoyed with enthusiasm after #HertsOpenStudios, I'd entered six framed works and four items for the browsers - now I had to ensure they were ready!

White Campion and other cool greens contrasting with yellows and oranges
© Teresa Newham

Two or three pieces needed to be strung with picture wire, for which I used framing clips attached to strong backing board specifically made for use with the clips.  This method is extremely effective but involves blood, sweat and occasionally tears - luckily the blood wiped off without leaving any traces behind . . . .

Green Frog alongside a variety of fauna
© Teresa Newham

My next challenge was how to get six framed artworks to the hand-in.  As I certainly couldn't carry them any distance all at once, I cheated and asked my artists' assistant (that's my husband, to those in the know) to come with me.

Cravells Road - part of an eclectic mix
© Teresa Newham

The hand-in process itself is always extremely efficient; given the sheer number of artists involved - nearly sixty - I had expected some delays; but we were in and out again quickly, with everything left in experienced hands for the hanging.  

Bluebelll Wood and other flora
© Teresa Newham

This apparently takes a whole day, and I'm not surprised - 260 pieces were curated into a wonderful exhibition.  Real care was taken to hang pictures together by theme and colour and the result was a vibrant display of local talent across all media.  Just fitting them all in must have taken some doing!

visitors enjoying the exhibition
© Teresa Newham

Once again there was a wide choice of greetings cards on sale, with some smart  new signage.  I did my stewarding at the card table and was delighted that so many people who came to look through the cards on their way in and out of the Record Fair in the hall next door took the opportunity to visit the exhibition itself.

some of the huge choice of greetings cards
© Teresa Newham

All in all it was a most successful weekend, and when Mr N and I returned to the Public Halls to collect my artwork I was delighted to find that I'd made some sales.  It was the icing on the cake!

Huge thanks to everyone at the Harpenden Arts Club for organising this year's exhibition.  Visit their website here for further information about the club and its activities.

my Bluebells linocut found a new home
© Teresa Newham