Sunday, 29 March 2015

Holy Week

design for 2015 Easter Card
© Teresa Newham

So, it's Holy Week! the high point of the Church's year.  In our household, we as Catholics are called upon to embark on a journey this week as we enter dramatically, prayerfully and personally into the passion, death and resurrection of our Saviour.

It's a solemn and moving time, and for those of us lucky enough to be in the choir, an opportunity to sing some of the most beautiful music, both today on Palm Sunday and during  the three services of the Easter Triduum, culminating in the joyful Mass on Easter morning (followed by a jolly afternoon as we bring out the chocolate, crisps or whatever else it was that we gave up for Lent).

The daffodils in the Easter cards I've painted this year symbolise the hope and joy of the Resurrection which follows on from Christ's Passion and Crucifixion.  May you be blessed this Easter with this hope and joy.

Saturday, 14 March 2015

a walk round the corner - March

© Teresa Newham
The longer days and fine weather recently tempted us out across the fields.  Before we'd even reached the first field we found the little crocus above, probably an escapee from a nearby garden.  The field itself was fairly muddy, but this time we'd remembered the wellies!

the first field
© Teresa Newham
Along the side of the railway what looked like bare twigs were alive with lichen, glowing gold in the afternoon sunshine . . . .

© Teresa Newham
. . . which was also showing off the old oak to good effect:

the old oak
© Teresa Newham
Turning down Mud Lane, near the entrance to the second field we could see the trees were all fuzzy with the first shoots of Spring.  Those branches are no longer bare!

Mud Lane & the entrance to the second field
© Teresa Newham
As we arrived at Thames Wood, we found some catkins:

catkins at Thames Wood
© Teresa Newham
Shortly afterwards, Mud Lane began to live up to its name.  I'm sure we'll get further on our next walk!

a good spot to turn back!
© Teresa Newham