Friday, 22 December 2017

glad tidings of great joy

glad tidings of great joy
© Teresa Newham

The idea of putting an angel on our 2017 Christmas card came to me early in the year, but I had no idea how it was going to work, or indeed what the angel would be doing.  It only really came together when I researched the wings.  This angel would be Gabriel - sweeping across the sky, blowing his trumpet for all he was worth!

For the title, I turned again to one of my favourite carols, While Shepherds Watched their Flocks by Night:

"Fear not," said he, for mighty dread 
Had seized their troubled mind, 
"Glad tidings of great joy I bring
To you and all mankind."

It's a reassuring message - the shepherds were no doubt terrified - and Gabriel makes it clear that this Good News is for everyone.  That's everyone, at every time -  as Catholics, we believe that Jesus is born anew in the human heart each Christmas, if we are prepared to receive Him.

That's some gift, isn't it?

Wishing your all peace and joy this Christmas, and a happy and blessed New Year.

Monday, 11 December 2017

. . . a creative space

original pen drawing © Teresa Newham

Looking back at my previous blog post about Gallery32, I realised how much I've benefitted from my monthly Saturday morning sessions there.  As with Open Studios, my time is completely given up to art, without any distractions apart from visitors - who are there to look at and discuss the art anyway!

ideas for mixed media and linocuts
original pencil sketches © Teresa Newham

I've tried to use that time creatively, and many of the pieces I produced this year were originally put together at Gallery32.  I usually have my A4 and A6 sketchbooks and some pens and pencils with me, and I access source photos on my phone.

drawing practice at Gallery32
original pen sketches © Teresa Newham

Being surrounded by so much contemporary art has encouraged me to try new things, such as incorporating metallic printmaking ink into some of my watercolours.  I even spent one happy morning laying out chalkboard designs for a wedding!

original sketches & designs
© Teresa Newham

There's always something new to see, both in the gallery itself and in Debbie's studio, which has given me the opportunity to practice my sketching.  And if I feel like doing nothing more enterprising than sitting with a coffee and an issue of Artists & Illustrators, why not? That's "art time" too!

artists' clutter
original pen sketch © Teresa Newham