Friday, 29 April 2011

sunshine in the City

Wisteria, St Paul's Churchyard
© Teresa Newham 2011

As I mentioned in my last blog, we enjoyed an unseasonal heatwave in the run-up to Easter.  Sunny weather brings out the tourists and locals alike in London (the latter easily spotted by their pasty skin slowly turning red in the unaccustomed heat).  With two four-day weekends in prospect for Easter and the Royal Wedding there was a festive atmosphere in the City; wandering the streets between City Thameslink station and my office just south of Southwark Bridge I was tempted to reach for my mobile phone camera more than once.

I've posted a few of the results to the Photos on the Run page on my website.  Whether tourists, commuters hurrying to the office or people (known as mudlarks) scavenging at the river's edge for who-knows-what, we were all delighted to see the sun!

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  1. The photos on the run are wonderful and at least as good as a lot of more 'composed' pictures that you see. I like the unusual, quirky angles and feel to a lot of them. I love the quotations too- at once moving, thought-provoking and profound. The sort of things that you want to return and read again and again.