Saturday, 26 January 2013

snow scenes

Harpenden Common in the snow I
© Teresa Newham 2013
Everybody loves the snow, don't they?  I do - despite the trouble it causes!  my trains to London didn't quite grind to a halt this week but it was a close-run thing;  and leaving my teacher husband tucked up warmly at home (school closed) while I walked, wrapped up like an eskimo, through several inches of snow to the station was not ideal (to be fair he did offer to run me there in the car; but as the road was like an ice rink, I reckoned I was better off on foot!).

Harpenden Common in the snow II
© Teresa Newham 2013
The upside, as you can see, is that the snow has had me reaching for my camera again.  The colours of Harpenden Common were absolutely gorgeous  as the sun rose;  and if I hadn't been walking to the station I wouldn't have seen them!  these were taken before the worst of it;  a light dusting of snow and a heavy frost between them created a real winter wonderland.

Harpenden Common in the snow III
© Teresa Newham 2013
 Our most interesting weather was probably last weekend;  constant, steady snow on Sunday had us pulling on our woollies and snow boots to walk to Mass - no way were we going to get the car out!  I took the opportunity to explore the alley at the end of our road through to Cross Lane.  To my shame, I've been meaning to do this since we moved here nearly eighteen months ago - and this was the first time I'd taken a look! 

Cross Lane I
© Teresa Newham 2013
Cross Lane used to be a rat run from the St Albans road to Southdown; so the council blocked it off many years ago and now it's a haven for dog walkers, horse riders and (in this weather) sledgers.  Many's the time I'd envisaged popping down with my camera for a leisurely photoshoot.  I hadn't anticipated being so cold that my fingers would barely grasp the camera;  it was a very quick visit indeed!

Cross Lane II
© Teresa Newham 2013
Finally, in honour of the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch, which I took part in this afternoon, here's this little fella eating his fill during last Sunday's steady snowfall.  I hoped very much that he would also put in an appearance today and I'm glad to say he did;  unfortunately I was too busy juggling my pen and paper, bird book and binoculars to take any photos of the birds at that point . . . 

blue tit at the peanut feeder
© Teresa Newham 2013

And if you think I was being intrepid in the snow again, you're mistaken. My birdwatch was conducted seated cosily inside by the patio doors with a rug over my knees. There's only so much snow I can take!

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  1. Absolutely stunning photos - those skies over the Common are especially glorious.