Thursday, 30 October 2014

Another walk round the corner - August, September, October

So . . . having finished the photo diary of our walks across local fields, I find we are still taking the walks and I'm still taking photos.  Seems a shame not to share them!

the first field - August
© Teresa Newham
The August walk took us through fields of ripened wheat bordered by lush hedgerows.

the old oak - August
© Teresa Newham
Everything was waiting for harvest and the summer skies were full of fluffy white clouds:

the second field - August
© Teresa Newham
While the blackberries faded in the hedgerows, new berries were to be seen - heralding the Autumn soon to come.

first of the berries - August
© Teresa Newham
By September, everything in the first field had been cut down to stubble!

the first field - September
© Teresa Newham
The oak tree was still in full leaf at the far side of the field.

the old oak - September
© Teresa Newham
They were ploughing the second field; we could hear the tractor going back and forth as we took our walk, and the driver gave us a cheery wave!

the second field - September
© Teresa Newham
We spotted this tiny snail basking in the early Autumn sunshine - it was still quite warm:

snail on a fern - September
© Teresa Newham
October, and the first field is looking somewhat unkempt.  I wonder what the farmer will be doing with it next?

the first field - October
© Teresa Newham
The leaves on the old oak are thinning out - earlier than last year, I think.

the old oak - October
© Teresa Newham
The second field, all ploughed, with ferns and bracken collapsing at the entrance:

the second field - October
© Teresa Newham
And finally, deep in the ancient woodland at the far point of our walk, we found some fungi pushing up through the leaves:

fungi - October
© Teresa Newham

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  1. Glorious colours! And such fine details picked out! What a sharp eye!