Monday, 30 May 2016

A drawing a day - view from the sofa

drawings off the telly
© Teresa Newham 

Much of my regular sketching this Spring has been done from the comfort of the sofa in my living room.  A series of colds and sniffles - plus a lot of chilly weather - put paid to any outdoor sketching for a few weeks; but there's plenty of inspiration around the house if you know where to look!

a holly tree in the front garden
© Teresa Newham

Much of the time I found myself gazing out of the living room window or at objects on the windowsill. The blue glass vase below has been drawn countless times - in the process I've been reminded that a quick scribble can be just as effective at conveying a the essence of an object as a careful drawing.

yet more flowers in the blue glass vase!
© Teresa Newham

By contrast, I took a while over this sketch of a wall light - in fact, it was the play of sunlight on the wall which first drew my attention to it. Making a slow, deliberate drawing of an everyday item can become quite meditative . . .

even the light fitting provided inspiration!
© Teresa Newham

I've also had a lot of fun doing scribbles from the TV, not by using freeze frame but trying to capture the likeness of the presenters 'live'.   By their very nature, these have to be quick - often finished from memory, or left incomplete - but it's good practice for drawing people out and about (regular readers will recall the tendency for my chosen subjects out on the street to wander off at inconvenient moments!).

a quick impression of the weather forecaster
© Teresa Newham

Even the simplest bit of line can convey the energy of a character and this is something which I'd like to develop more.  So it's back to the sofa . . . !!

left and right profiles of a TV presenter
© Teresa Newham


  1. These are great! I hadn’t seen any of them before - they’re really well crafted, even the ‘quickies’.

    1. Thanks! They're always good fun to do and the TV ones in particular keep me on my toes!