Sunday, 14 August 2016

a walk round the corner - hedgerows & horses

the first field, full of wheat
© Teresa Newham
We're still walking the fields near our house - and our stroll last Sunday prompted me to share these photos. We could scarcely see the new fence along the edge of the first field for the vegetation which has sprung up, even though the ground had been completely bare the last time we wandered that way!

the old oak, silhouetted
© Teresa Newham
The old oak was in full leaf, rustling and swaying alarmingly in an unseasonal wind, which was also moving the wheat beneath it; while the crop in the second field was so high that the trees at the far side were barely visible:

lush growth in the second field
© Teresa Newham
Perhaps thanks to the wet Spring, the hedgerows were almost completely blocking Mud Lane - which was so dry it should have been renamed Dust Lane.  It was almost completely free of puddles!

Mud Lane - sunlight & shadows
© Teresa Newham
Amidst all this abundance some berries made a bright splash of red amongst the green. Mother Nature is giving us a little reminder: although August is still officially Summer, Autumn is definitely on its way . . .

first signs of Autumn!
© Teresa Newham
Thames Wood looks very different at this time of year.  Parts of it are difficult to access through the undergrowth, although my favourite trees are still visible.  It's a special spot, with what looks like a badger sett nearby.

Thames Wood in summer sunshine
© Teresa Newham
As a couple of riders came ambling past, I gave thanks that we have such lovely countryside round the corner for everyone to enjoy.  And made a mental note to get out more in the future . . . !

riders enjoying the afternoon
© Teresa Newham

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