Tuesday, 13 September 2016

pictures, pictures, pictures . . . cake!

photographs and watercolours jostling for space
© Teresa Newham
With more than forty visitors through the door already, it's difficult to believe we're less than half way through this year's #HertsOpenStudios.  The teenager considering doing Art 'A' Level, the elderly woodworker, the printmaker from Northern Ireland, friends old and new: so many interesting conversations and excellent feedback! 

rediscovering my sketchbooks . . .
© Teresa Newham
This year I've put all my sketchbooks on show; some I'd forgotten I still had.  The little one below, for example, is three-quarters empty, and definitely worth keeping out once Open Studios is over. I can't quite remember why I put it away in the first place . . . 

. . . some of which are only part-full!
© Teresa Newham
Sue and I are opening on seven days during the event, which lasts until 25th September.  But it's not worth taking everything down in between; so effectively my long-suffering husband and I are living in a gallery for three weeks or so.  My studio is crammed with stuff, and the kitchen is full of cake, biscuits and crisps for our guests!

now . . . how do I get to those drawers?
© Teresa Newham
The dining room ornaments have been stashed away in the most unlikely nooks and crannies, to be replaced by all sorts of artworks, such as  Sue's photo of her hand, which is displayed to full advantage on the dresser, along with some of her other pieces:

my dresser, Sue's paintings and photos  . . .
© Teresa Newham
The display board is dismantled at the end of each session, which means putting away Sue's lovely paintings - I do like that tiger!  But at least we can get to the bureau behind it when we need to . . . 

. . . and her display board
© Teresa Newham
I'm really pleased with my new linocuts in their cream-coloured frames, and I've managed to put virtually all my greetings cards out on display.  Sue also has masses of cards, and a whole range of unframed original watercolours.  So there's plenty to see.

the new linocuts and a lot of greetings cards!
© Teresa Newham
Once again we're raising money for St Luke's Hospice in Kenton, who looked after my Dad so well during his final illness.  This year we're selling second-hand art books, some which were my Mum's and some of mine.  So if you know of any art lovers looking for books on watercolour, drawing or calligraphy, send them round - and let them eat cake!

books old and new - on sale for charity
© Teresa Newham

Details of our #HertsOpenStudios sessions are shown in the side panel of this blog.

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