Saturday, 15 July 2017

Small is beautiful

White Campion
linocut by Teresa Newham

For some time now I've been meaning to make some small prints using offcuts of lino from larger works.  Back in the Spring I was captivated by the white campion blooming alongside the bluebells in our local woods, and thought it might make a suitable subject:

at the woodland's edge
© Teresa Newham

I drafted out a design one Saturday morning when I was doing my monthly stint at Gallery32 in St Albans.  It's a great place for thinking about new ideas, what with all that contemporary art on the walls!

initial design
© Teresa Newham

As the design was a simple one, I decided to copy it straight onto the lino, without tracing it first.  And, as I like a challenge, I reversed the design while I was copying it . . .

straight to plate . . .
© Teresa Newham

The block looked pretty convincing once I'd finished the cut, so I was hopeful that it would print out the way I envisaged.  Now it was just a question of mixing a suitably Spring-like green.

. . . in reverse!
© Teresa Newham

The resulting edition of eight little prints, each measuring just 7cm x 15cm, is rather cute, and I shall get some of them mounted and framed.  Bigger isn't always better!

full edition
© Teresa Newham

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