Saturday, 28 April 2018

A drawing a day - what happened to the weather?

out and about in Harpenden
© Teresa Newham

What happened to the weather? Last week I was sitting on a sunny bench in the town centre, drawing a street cleaner.  A crow alighted on the bird bath beside me, and obligingly hopped into a couple of interesting poses.  So enjoyable after my previous outdoor sketching session in Lourdes, when everyone was swathed in padded coats, scarves, hats and gloves . . .

as seen in Lourdes
© Teresa Newham

Of course, if I waited for good weather every time I wanted to practice my drawing, I'd never get round to it.  I often pick up my sketchbook when I'm watching TV; it's a challenge to capture faces when the camera angles keep changing, but it's fun.  I could freeze the screen, but I like the challenge!

sketches off the telly
© Teresa Newham

I know I should carry a sketchbook everywhere I go, but it's easier in some places than others - Gallery32, for example, is situated above the Fleetville Vintage Emporium, with plenty of opportunities during a three-hour shift to get something down on paper:

at the Emporium
© Teresa Newham

Sometimes it just doesn't happen - this Spring I didn't pick up a pen for ages.  I was inspired to start again when I read Ronnie Wood - Artist, which includes all sorts of paintings and sketches from his school days up to the present.  I took a good look at his meticulously crafted drawings and decided it was time to dig out a sketchbook or two.

windowsill sketches
© Teresa Newham

Many of my recent sketches have been made standing up, using the nearest sketchbook to hand - I currently have three or four on the go - and making the most of any sunshine; dappled light on the fences led me to make the drawing below, for example.  And when eventually the sunshine returns, I shall venture outside again!

corner of the garden
© Teresa Newham

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  1. Excellent sketches - I especially like the ones of the plants and the birdbath.