Saturday, 29 February 2020

an unexpected bonus

 the Basilica of the Rosary
pen sketches © Teresa Newham

I didn't think there would be time for any sketching in Lourdes - the itinerary is so crowded. But Our Lady knew better and prompted me gently to pack an A5 sketchbook and a drawing pen.  And when we were unable to get into the baths, I took the opportunity to get them out and use them.

trees outside the Basilica of the Rosary
photo & pen sketches ©  Teresa Newham

The view of the Basilica of the Rosary from the bench I found was obscured by trees, so I ended up sketching it while leaning against a lamp post.  Of course, as soon as I began to sketch  anybody, they moved away.  People only really stand still in Lourdes to meditate or pray, at which point it is totally inappropriate to draw them anyway . . . 

holding the banner
pen sketches © Teresa Newham

I coloured the sketches with Inktense pencil when I got home, and added some context to the pic of the lady with the banner.  I also made a little drawing of the Grotto from a photo.  They're a souvenir of a lovely trip and a reminder to me of how important it is to keep sketching, whatever the challenges!

at the grotto
photo & pen sketch © Teresa Newham

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