Friday, 15 May 2020

Ne'er cast a clout . . .

oilseed rape, Cross Farm
© Teresa Newham

Lovely Spring weather at the start of the month made our daily walks a pleasure, even if we were just going round the block.  We've tended to avoid the lanes at the weekend, when they are most busy, enjoying them on the relative quiet of a weekday.

Mud Lane
© Teresa Newham

Our aim on this walk was to reach Thames Wood and see what it looked like now that the bluebells had more or less finished.  We'd been there a couple of weeks previously, so I wasn't expecting to see anything new - but the hedgerows were blooming!

White Campion
© Teresa Newham

Thames Wood still had plenty of atmosphere without the bluebells - there was almost an air of mystery about it, probably because it's ancient woodland.  Those trees could tell a tale or two but they're not saying  . .

Thames Wood
© Teresa Newham

The entrances to some of the fields were blocked with fallen tree trunks, presumably to prevent eager lockdown walkers from trampling precious crops.  There was hardly anybody about on this particular Tuesday afternoon.

wheat field
© Teresa Newham

I love taking photos of trees and shadows, particularly when they almost enclose the road - to me it always suggests the idea of a journey.  I just had to keep stopping for the right shot.  Luckily my husband is used to this . . .

further down Mud Lane
© Teresa Newham

Trees and sunlight are another favourite, and by the time we emerged onto Ayres End Lane we'd seen some pretty spectacular sights.  It's important to stop and look, and not just reach for the camera, otherwise what's the point?

sun on the leaves
© Teresa Newham

That old saying "Ne'er cast a clout till May be out" is particularly appropriate this year, proving that "May" means the month rather than the hawthorn blossom.  It's been really chilly the last few days - but the weather is starting to warm up again!

hawthorn blossom
© Teresa Newham

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  1. Lovely reflections. It's amazing what variety you can find on an apparently simple walk down a (not so muddy) lane, but you do have to develop the discipline to look hard.