Friday, 31 July 2020


reduction linocut by Teresa Newham

Here is the companion piece to the new Drake reduction linocut, imaginatively titled Duck. As you may recall, I printed them alongside each other, so that I always had something to work on while the other print was drying.

printing the beak & feet
© Teresa Newham

Sorting out her beak and feet was a little complicated, as it involved some wet in wet overprinting. Once the base body layer was in place everything made much more sense, and the next layer of shadow  made the duck look reassuringly solid.   

adding volume to the body
© Teresa Newham

The most challenging part was cutting the feathers on her body and head, and I had to resort to a mirror to ensure the pattern was correct.  I wasn't trying to portray every individual feather, but it still took two separate cutting sessions to get the right effect.

cutting the feathers
© Teresa Newham

Printing the final layer was a joy, as the duck came completely to life on the page at this point. She looks as though she could hold her own in any encounter and I think she'll make a fitting mate for that drake!

printing the final layer
© Teresa Newham


  1. Absolutely LOVE this linocut - wonderful colours and the detail of the feathers is superb.

    1. thank you! it was a lot of fun to do . . .