Friday, 5 August 2022

Waste not . . .


cards and offcuts from trial prints of Fence Cross Lane
© Teresa Newham

Every printmaker has spare prints which didn't make it into the edition for some reason.  I decided to turn some of mine into greetings cards. I took trial prints of my reduction linocut Fence, Cross Lane, cut out squares of the most interesting parts of the design and stuck them onto cream card blanks. The offcuts have potential too.

my first experiments with Japanese Woodblock put to good use
© Teresa Newham

The best of my first ever Japanese Woodblock print, an Acer Leaf design, are just the right size for cards, and make good use of something which was essentially an experiment with a technqiue brand new to me.  

revisiting the rainbow-rolled New Covenant
© Teresa Newham

I sold the last two cards of an older design, The New Covenant, at Art on the Common. I've printed more onto pre-cut squares of washi, along with some extras of the Sunflower for Ukraine card design. This gives a better result than printing directly onto the card blanks.

New Covenant and Sunflower for Ukraine card fronts drying
© Teresa Newham

I've also revamped an old linocut print of mine, Meadow Cranesbill, for which I  made a lot of impressions.  Some of these have become cards, this time on white blanks.  I can't tell in advance whether I should use white or cream blanks for the cards, I have to decide on the day and go with my instinct.

an old favourite trimmed down for cards
© Teresa Newham

White card blanks also seemed to go better with the snow on the cards I made from my trial prints of Redwings in the Holly.  It's so much better to use these for cards rather than throw them away, and it's something a little different to offer to our #HertsOpenStudios visitors in September!

trial prints of Redwings in the Holly turned into cards
© Teresa Newham

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