Thursday, 22 September 2022

Mourning and making


the dining room, transformed
© Teresa Newham

It's been a strange start to this year's #HertsOpenStudios.  The death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II two days before the event began cast a pall over our preparations; my parents married during her Coronation year so I grew up with the souvenirs they were given as wedding presents; and her portrait (the Annigoni one, without the crown) hung in my primary school hall.

my studio, transformed
© Teresa Newham

We weren't at all sure that anyone would come on the first Saturday; in the morning we sat and watched the proclamation of the new King on TV - this was, after all, history in the making - but we were delighted that a few visitors did appear throughout the day, lightening the mood.

every inch of space in use
© Teresa Newham

Sue and I have our usual set up in my studio and dining room, and this year I put a short film on my YouTube channel showing before and after pictures, as well as a video of the whole event for those who can't make it or would like to see what's on display before they decide to come along.

some of Sue's displays
© Teresa Newham

We've had a steady stream of visitors, and everyone has stayed for some time to chat over a cup of tea as well as look at the art.  Perhaps people are feeling more like talking this year; we've certainly had some interesting conversations.

lots of cards as well as exhibits
© Teresa Newham

For my demo I've been making books for sketching/notes/collage, inspired by a video from Handprinted UK which I first saw during lockdown.  This is the first chance I've had to put it into practice.  We're open again this Saturday, next Wednesday and on Saturday 1st October, so there's still time to see us - for full details of venue and opening times click here!

my demo - making sketchbooks
© Teresa Newham

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