Sunday, 28 November 2010

Sleight of hand

There are many clichés about photography. "Every picture tells a story" is one.  "The camera never lies" is another.  But we all know that the camera can lie (especially if Photoshop is involved), and the story that the picture is telling may not be entirely accurate!  Some photos I took on my recent holiday in Ireland demonstrate this.

view along the Portmagee Channel towards Caherciveen
© Teresa Kirkpatrick 2010

This pretty view was taken from the side of a road going over the mountains between Portmagee and St Finan's Bay in County Kerry.  The view does look like this - but only if you're prepared to get out of the car and do a bit of a balancing act on the grass at the edge of the road.  You wouldn't see this from the car! or only a glimpse, at least.

the Skelligs
© Teresa Kirkpatrick 2010

This view of the Skellig Islands isn't one you'd normally see from the car either; not even if you got out for a look.  Standing upright, you can see over the  vegetation to the coastline below, a sight which (when we were there at least) was enhanced by an upside-down kitchen table which somebody had lobbed into the bushes.  So a certain amount of crouching went on here to ensure that it didn't get into shot!

Skelligs with cloud formation
© Teresa Kirkpatrick 2010

This spectacular shot was, believe it or not, taken from the car and is part of a series, many of which were completely out of focus.  And, while this is an accurate representation of what we could see, the original photo was at quite an angle and has  had to be straightened.

near sunset, St Finan's Bay
© Teresa Kirkpatrick 2010

The same is true of my last example; it's not easy to keep the camera straight when you are taking a series of shots from an open car.  This one had the sea wall in the foreground with something horrid and plastic on it - so I cropped that out.

So there you have it.  Beautiful photos, telling most of the story.  But not quite all . . . !

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  1. Glorious shots! Yes one has to be a bit creative but they still capture beautifully the essence of the Kerry landscape.