Saturday, 6 October 2012

Another chance to see . . .

While I was sorting out my artwork over the Summer, I took the opportunity to re-frame a couple of older paintings which I exhibited at Open Studios two or three years ago and which haven't seen the light of day since.   Both paintings were inspired by my frequent trips to Portmagee in County Kerry - Skellig Sunset is an interpretive view of the Skelligs as seen from Valentia Island, while Pato's Wish used to be moored at the quayside in Portmagee.

Skellig Sunset
© Teresa Newham 2012
Reframing a painting makes you look at it with fresh eyes;  I got so enthusiastic about these two that I despatched them to the Letchworth Arts Centre Open Exhibition, where they will hang until 25th October.  It was about time more people got to see them!

Pato's Wish
© Teresa Newham 2012

We are off to Portmagee soon after a break of two years; so I'm hoping to get inspiration for some more paintings while I'm there. Even if it rains all the time.  I can always practice life drawing in the Bridge Bar over a glass of Guinness . . . !


  1. Pato's Wish has always been one of my favourite paintings! Lovely to see it again.

    Looking forward to sharing that Guinness : -)

    1. Must admit I can't wait to get back to Kerry - it's been far too long!!

  2. I love the Skelligs picture - beautifully atmospheric and evocative of those wonderful Irish evenings.