Tuesday, 10 February 2015


hyacinths - pen & wash
© Teresa Newham

When I was given some hyacinths at Christmas, I knew I would have to paint them sooner or later.  Sure enough, they sat on the studio windowsill calling to me with their scent until I gave in:

the subject
© Teresa Newham

I drew them in pencil and inked the drawing over on the first day, having propped up the hyacinth in the middle which was a little ahead of its fellows and had drooped a bit.

initial drawing, inked in
© Teresa Newham

By the seond day, however, the other two had also gone over, and had to be supported on sticks so I could get on with the painting - a familiar problem to anyone who has ever tried to paint spring flowers for longer than a couple of hours!

. . . and had to be supported while the paint was added!
© Teresa Newham

Perhaps it was their general exuberance which led me to bring the drawing so close to the edge of the paper, or perhaps I just wasn't paying enough attention.  Either way, they don't fit any of my mounts, and will have to be given a new one.  Or perhaps I'll just cover the edges of the drawing with the mount and call it a concept . . . .

should have drawn to the mount size!
© Teresa Newham

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