Tuesday, 28 April 2015

In search of bluebells

the elusive British bluebell
© Teresa Newham

Around the middle of April we decided to walk to the ancient woodland where we found bluebells at the same time last year, to see if they were out yet.   It was a fine, dry day but the weather had been so cold recently that we thought we might be too early.

the oak tree coming into leaf
© Teresa Newham
There were signs of new growth everywhere - the leaves on the old oak in the first field were just breaking from the buds.   At the foot of its trunk a few holly berries still remained from the Winter:

holly at the foot of the oak
© Teresa Newham
As we walked down Mud Lane we could hear skylarks singing in the second field, while all around us blossom was bursting forth in the hedgerows:

© Teresa Newham

As we walked further down the lane we began to spot bluebells among the other Spring flowers in the verges:

bluebells in the verges
© Teresa Newham
When we reached the woods the delicate scent of hundreds of bluebells greeted us before we saw their full extent - a breathtaking sight. Spring is well under way!

bluebells in the ancient woodland
© Teresa Newham

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  1. The bluebells are always a wonderful, heartwarming sight. Lovely photos as always.