Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Open Studios has begun!

my paintings & cards making a colourful display
© Teresa Newham
So Herts Open Studios 2015 is finally under way. It's particularly exciting for me this year because for the first time I am opening up my own studio - alongside fellow artist Sue Wookey - and over our first weekend we've had thirty visitors!

my studio has been transformed . . . .
© Teresa Newham
The studio itself (aka the room behind the kitchen) is home to some of my paintings, photography and printmaking - plus a little exhibition of how multicoloured linocuts are put together.  I'd forgotten just how much arty stuff I have, so the browsers are in here too . . .

. . .  and has its own printmaking exhibition!
© Teresa Newham
I've overflowed into the dining room, where Sue has put up her display board and a whole bunch of other exhibits.  And of course, there's all our cards. Nobody - but nobody - is going to complain that there's not enough to look at!

The dining room's had a makeover, too . . .
© Teresa Newham
It's quite a transformation - two days previously I was still framing pictures, and only set up the space on Friday evening, with my husband's help.  Almost every item of furniture has been pressed into service - we managed to squeeze in a couple of extra tables, too.

my old dresser makes the perfect foil for Sue's smaller pieces!
© Teresa Newham
Sue & I have been doing demonstrations at the dining room table. Once again I'm trying out a medium new to me - coloured pencil.  It's a technique my late mother perfected and in fact the pencils used to be hers - which gives a sense of continuity to what I'm doing.

Sue painting a watercolour Sun Horse with my sketchbook in the foreground
© Teresa Newham
We've had some great comments in our visitors' book and many people have remarked how lovely it is to see the artwork in an informal setting.  There's the opportunity to sit and chat over a cup of tea, too, and guests have enjoyed leafing through Sue's sketchbooks.

. . . and there's even space for Sue's display board!
© Teresa Newham
A big thank-you to those of you who came to see us last weekend.   We'll be open again over the next two weekends and on Wednesday 16th September (see the side panel for details) - so if you haven't been able to make it yet - or would like another look - we'd love to see you!

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  1. The display looks fabulous and it’s such a great experience !