Monday, 14 November 2016

Drawing in the dark - flamenco in Madrid

anticipation at Cafetin La Quimera
© Teresa Newham
Something must have got lost in translation, because we arrived too early. Would we mind visiting the bar across the road for half an hour?  As it turned out, we didn't mind at all; as complimentary plates of shrimp, patatas bravas, olives and potato salad arrived with our drinks, some of our group were tempted to spend the evening at the bar and not bother with the flamenco. . .

it starts with the song . . .
© Teresa Newham
Just as well we did go back to Cafetin La Quimera, however, because we were in for a treat.  The place was packed - mainly with locals, which was a good sign - and our table for sixteen was ranged along one wall.  Drinks, bread and olive oil were handed round, along with the best Spanish omelette of our trip.  Time for the show!

the dancing gets under way . . .
© Teresa Newham
Flamenco originates from the song, not the guitar or the dance:  so there was singing and clapping before the first dancer got to his feet.  As I don't eat meat I was ignoring the breaded chicken on the table but in any case I was too busy watching and listening to eat, taking the odd photo without missing anything that was going on.

. . . the atmosphere is intense . . .
© Teresa Newham
I was seated in a dark corner, and the rest of the party were now tucking into a meat stew, so I had the chance to make a couple of quick sketches. I drew the first two dancers with extra arms because their positions kept changing - resulting in the sort of thing that's referred to as 'lively' at life drawing classes!

.. . . and so are the performances!
© Teresa Newham
When the third dancer took the stage, he moved so quickly that I had to put the sketchbook down.  There was always the second half of the show for the opportunity to do some more sketches, I thought.  Meanwhile, it was time for some paella during the interval.  And at some point, I recall, there was a wonderful vegetable stew . . .

drawings made in the dark . . .
© Teresa Newham

I'd love to show you some photos and sketches of the rest of the evening.  But there aren't any, because I became completely engrossed in what was happening on stage. Sometimes it's better to be in the moment than to be recording it!

. . . and coloured up when I got home
© Teresa Newham

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  1. A magical evening! I don't know how you manage to capture movement while sketching - I would find it completely impossible!