Saturday, 28 October 2017

in Kerry with a camera (or two)

getting a dog to pose . . .
© Teresa Newham

We've enjoyed a few days' lovely late Autumn weather and some wonderful photo opportunities while staying with friends in Kerry.  My companions got used to me lagging behind as I juggled my iPhone camera and my old Canon digital Ixus compact, encouraging their dog to pose briefly for a scenic shot or two. 

. . . is a doddle compared to a chicken!
© Teresa Newham

I had less success with the chickens, who tended to run towards me in expectation of food every time I stepped out of the door; most of my photos show only part of a chicken as a result.  This is probably the best one, and might end up as a linocut!

ahead is all blue . . .
© Teresa Newham

I enjoy experimenting with photos: on one of our beach walks I turned first one way, then the other, to make the most of the effects of the sunshine and clouds.  These two photos were taken within moments of each other, but facing in opposite directions . . .

. . . behind is slate grey
© Teresa Newham

It's also a good idea to look down from time to time, and not just with a view to keeping your footing; there are some little wonders lurking on most beaches, not to mention some unexpected colours!  Seaweed holds an endless fascination for me, as do pebbles of all kinds.

the beauty of small things
© Teresa Newham

Looking at the photos afterwards, I've been struck by the difference between those taken with the Canon and those where I used the iPhone (all the photos shown here are iPhone shots).  I definitely need to get a new camera; whether it will be another compact or a DSLR-type remains to be seen!

hidden treasure
© Teresa Newham

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  1. The beauty of small things indeed! And those wonderful skies - changing every few seconds; if you stood on the beach and looked round 360 degrees you would see at least four different skies at the same time. Fabulous - don't know anywhere like it! And beautifully captured, as always.