Monday, 29 January 2018

what happens if . . . ?

Hyacinths II
original pen & wash by Teresa Newham

A number of mounted watercolours have been knocking around in my browser for a few years now, and are starting to look a bit tired.  What would happen, I wondered, if I tried to tart them up a bit?

Hyacinths I - before the makeover
© Teresa Newham

My least favourite is Hyacinths - the composition and colours have never felt quite right to me.  I thought perhaps a bit of cropping might be in order, but that wouldn't help with the colours . . .

selecting a crop
© Teresa Newham

I needed to practice on something, so I wetted the painting and carefully took off as much of the original colour as I could.  When it had dried, I mixed up strong washes of Transparent Yellow, Permanent Sap Green and Permanent Alizarin and threw caution to the winds.

have I gone too far?
© Teresa Newham

The result was intriguing - the green granulated wonderfully and a beautiful orange appeared as the Alizarin mixed with the yellow.  I painted the leaves with the green wash, added Cobalt Blue to a few of the flowers, and left the others as pale as possible.

leaves and flowers adjusted
© Teresa Newham

I'm pleased with the final result and keen to try again with a different painting.  I have specific ideas for revamping one or two others, so I'd better not let my enthusiasm run away with me!

cut down and mounted
© Teresa Newham

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  1. Shows how observant I am - I noticed this painting out again but failed to notice what was happening to it! I think the results are brilliant - do try again with other paintings!