Friday, 15 November 2019

early at the Exhibition

waiting to open the doors at the Harpenden Arts Club Annual Exhibition
© Teresa Newham

As requested, I arrived for my stewarding stint at the Harpenden Arts Club exhibition last Saturday before it opened.  My first job was to straighten any crooked pictures - which gave me the opportunity to have a proper look round, and spot my own.

blue-based paintings, including 'Blue'
© Teresa Newham

I'd last seen them at the hand in on the Wednesday evening - in itself a masterful feat of organisation which totally eliminated the usual queues, greatly helped by the extra space in the foyer which the club had been allowed.

a green theme to this panel - spot 'Fields & Flowers Kilkeaveragh'
© Teresa Newham

The show had been curated brilliantly by a small team of club members who had taken a great deal of care to gather the right paintings together on the various panels - themed by subject and/or colour palette - and to arrange them on that panel.

'Skelligs Golden Light' in a prime position
© Teresa Newham

The exhibition opened at 10 am. The room filled up quickly and we took several sales of framed and browser work, and greetings cards, as well as chatting to our eager visitors and encouraging them to vote for their top three. The morning just flew by.

a panel of landscapes, with 'Harpenden Common Midsummer'
© Teresa Newham

The handing back on the Sunday afternoon was also blessed with many helpers, who made light work of retrieving the pictures.  And it was good to be able to say to an unsuspecting artist, "Oh, that one has sold - well done!"

'Into the Light' with some colourful exhibits
© Teresa Newham

A huge thank you to everyone at Harpenden Arts Club who worked so hard to make this event a success.  You can find out more about the club on their website here.

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  1. Always a happy occasion, with a large number of beautiful and intriguing pictures.