Saturday, 31 October 2020

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linocut Christmas cards in indigo on white
© Teresa Newham

It's a reflective time of year, as the clocks go back and the nights draw in.  Less daylight means shorter studio sessions; and as I'm trying something new I've taken plenty of time when considering how to go about things. I made several attempts to turn a sketch of an acer leaf into a design for a Japanese woodblock print, and was delighted when I finally hit upon something I was happy with.

evolution of a design
© Teresa Newham

 At the same time, I've been selling Christmas cards in aid of the church building fund: unable to do this after Mass, as I normally would, I sent out an email and was delighted by the response.  Someone asked if I'd print the design in indigo on white card, and it was interesting to see the result; I think they look rather smart.  

mixing the right colour
© Teresa Newham

My next Japanese Woodblock challenge was to work out how to transfer the image for cutting - at which point I realised that while my lovely design fitted onto the block, there wouldn't be enough room to cut the kento registration marks without running the risk of splitting the wood.  And there would be no margin down one side. That led to quite a bit more careful contemplation . . .

looking at various options
© Teresa Newham

One end of the studio was full of drying cards; at the other end of the table my sketchbook lay open reproachfully as I tried to work out a solution to the problem.  I considered buying bigger blocks, or printing the leaf anyway, regardless of the margins.  Then I realised that with a bit of careful positioning I could use some stick-on kentos for this first attempt, as they take up less space.

the drying end of the studio
© Teresa Newham

My notebook is now full of reminders and suggestions for various blocks and colourways, but at least I have what I hope is a workable plan.  So it's been a busy time in the studio; I think I've managed to avoid falling at the first hurdle as far as Japanese Woodblock is concerned, but we'll see.  You have to start somewhere!

the way forward
© Teresa Newham

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  1. Excellent design. I do like the indigo cards as well, they are very smart.