Sunday, 15 November 2020

Lingering Light

lichen on a log
© Teresa Newham


As another lockdown loomed, a friend and I spent a sunny afternoon exploring a nearby golf course. Plenty of people were out and about, while the golfers themselves were making the most of their last chance to play for a month.  

fairy ring off the fairway
© Teresa Newham

We turned right along a bridle path to avoid them, and found toadstools curving around the base of some trees in a fairy ring. We carried on to Harpenden Common and returned through the Prickle Dells, where the fading sun lit up the oaks growing on the crazily undulating surface.

the Prickle Dells on the Common
© Teresa Newham

A few days later the fine weather tempted my husband and I down to the golf course again. This time no golfers were allowed, but there were throngs of people: families walking or cycling, dog walkers, everyone taking their daily exercise in household bubbles or with their one permitted friend.

low sun through trees
© Teresa Newham

We turned left this time, enjoying the last of the sunshine as we wandered around an area which we'd never visited before, and found some more toadstools; the red one with white spots is fly agaric, which always reminds me of the day when I had to sit on a pretend one while I was sworn in as a Brownie . . .

fly agaric - a "proper" toadstool
© Teresa Newham

Further on we found ourselves in the lanes, and took the long way home as the light faded and the temperature started to drop.  The last of the sun was still shining on the trees; every now and then a group of walkers emerged from a footpath, dogs or children in tow.  It was a beautiful afternoon.

late sun on trees, Ayres End 
© Teresa Newham

We have some lovely scenery in this part of Hertfordshire, and, weather permitting, we hope to go further afield as Winter approaches. There's always somewhere new to discover; plenty of paths not yet taken.  Who knows where we might end up?

Hertfordshire sunset
© Teresa Newham

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  1. Super photos; you get a real sense of autumn from looking at them. Yes there's always something new to discover round our way.