Sunday, 31 October 2021

Coffee, cards and amazing art


Harpenden Arts Club's new exhibition venue - the Trust Hall, Southdown
© Teresa Newham

It's a delight to be able to take part in this year's Harpenden Arts Club Annual Exhibition - the first in two years.  So much has changed, not least the venue - the Public Halls is now a vaccination centre and earmarked for demolition, so the club have relocated the exhibition to the Trust Hall right here in Southdown.

August I greeting visitors to the main hall
© Teresa Newham

At the hand-in there were forty artists - and most brought a lot of work.  I've taken full advantage of the maximum six pieces on the wall, six in the browser and thirty cards, and I'm not the only one; we have two year's worth of creativity to show, after all, and I've kept some back for next year.

March I echoing the colours around it
© Teresa Newham

I spent Friday morning serving coffee at the Coffee Morning Preview - a new addition to the format, it encouraged people to relax and provided a sociable alternative for those who did not attend the Private View. We had a steady stream of visitors all morning, despite the showery weather.

paintings, pottery and coffee on tap in the back room . . .
© Teresa Newham

I was stationed in the back room, where there is some art and sculpture, the greetings cards and browsers, and the sales desk.  The space has a lively, informal atmosphere and there's plenty going on without the space becoming overcrowded.

. . . along with a bank of browsers 
© Teresa Newham

When the coffee session was finished, I took a proper look in the main hall, where most of the exhibition is hung.  To my amazement, nobody at the club was quite sure how it was all going to fit in until they started setting up last Wednesday.  As usual it is really well organised.

Field, Cross Lane in distinguished company
© Teresa Newham

My reduction linocut, Fence, Cross Lane, sold at the Private View. It's a favourite of mine and it's always good to know that somebody loves something enough to buy it. Buyers collect framed pieces at the end of the exhibition this afternoon so I might even get to meet them.

Fence, Cross Lane with a red dot
© Teresa Newham

As always, I'm in awe of the way the volunteers curate the disparate artworks to make a cohesive whole.  All my paintings and prints fit in well with their hanging companions and to my  joy, Duck and Drake have been placed together as as set - the right way round.  Thank you Harpenden Arts Club!

Duck and Drake hung as a pair
© Teresa Newham

The annual exhibition closes this afternoon at 4pm so there's still time to go and see it! To find out more about Harpenden Arts Club click here.

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