Monday, 14 February 2022

Just for fun


daffodils pen & wash sketch
by Teresa Newham

It's that time of year when the days start to get a little longer and I realise that I haven't done any watercolour painting for what seems like an age.  This year I decided to loosen up and have some fun with the flowers various generous friends had given me.

watercolour by Teresa Newham

I had the urge to paint the Alstroemeria in a jug in my hallway one sunny afternoon; but the weather was gloomy when I managed to make the time, balancing my paintbox on a cupboard and the paper in my hand. The result was a little stiff so I kept adding water until the whole thing softened up.  Cropped, it might even warrant a frame . . .  

Alstroemeria - the cropped version
© Teresa Newham

The green and white bouquet was a gift in more ways than one, as I brought it into the studio a few days later to be the subject of my next watercolour sketch.  I used the same paintbox, which had itself been given to me some years ago by a neighbour.  It always presents a challenge because the colours are not my usual ones.

building up the Bouquet painting
© Teresa Newham

I built the image up in layers, then added in a background - although I rather like the unfinished version in the photo above.  Again, the finished painting looks better cropped, and I might well be putting it into a mount some time. 

Bouquet - watercolour, original and cropped
© Teresa Newham

The daffodils were a complete surprise, six bunches arriving in the post as a thank you. To paint them I decided to use pen and wash, which I haven't touched for several years. I resisted the temptation to add a background this time, and I think it works rather well. I've enjoyed making these flower sketches so much, I might have to do some more . . .

sketching daffodils in the dining room
© Teresa Newham

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  1. Stunning - particularly like the alstro - very ethereal!