Monday, 31 January 2022

. . . time to reflect


© Teresa Newham

A look now at the other six photos in the calendar (see previous post).  The July and August pics were taken on a trip to the Weald & Downland Museum in West Sussex.  The geese were remarkably tame and a delight until they started pecking at my bag and trying to pick my husband's pocket . . . 

© Teresa Newham

The image I chose for September was of a hedge of Rosa Rugosa in the churchyard at Sturminster Newton, Dorset. There was a huge yew tree, but the roses and hips were what drew my attention. So much so that I'm hoping to make space to plant a similar hedge - or just a bush - in my own garden.

© Teresa Newham

For October, November and December I looked back through my photos from the previous year, and found this lichen (below) on some bark at the local golf course on a muddy walk in November 2020. It was too muddy to walk there again this past Autumn.

© Teresa Newham

The November image was one of those lucky accidents; the sun came out on what had been a rather indifferent afternoon and lit up the trees and the field at just the right moment as we took one of our regular walks in the local lanes.

© Teresa Newham

December's photo was a chance shot which neatly caught a Hertfordshire sunset in early Winter. The landscape was slowly becoming dormant; but as we know, all new growth begins in the dark and the sap rises again.  And now we are at the end of January, the lighter days are a sign that Spring is on its way!

© Teresa Newham

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  1. Gorgeous - the November and December ones with those stunning skies are a particular favourite.