Thursday, 14 April 2022

some colour for Easter


He is Risen II
jigsaw linocut Easter card
Teresa Newham

It's Holy Week, and this year our Easter promises to be more as it should be, with the whole choir singing together and no restrictions on the numbers of people attending Easter services.  Catholics are encouraged to make their Confession at Easter, which sounds a little scary but means that we bring to God anything we have done which we know to be wrong.  This act of bringing opens us up to receive His love, which is there for everybody, all the time, whether you believe in Him or not.

I have made a colourful Easter card this year using the jigsaw linocut method for the first time. The white cross represents the Crucifixion, but as Jesus has risen, he is not on the cross.  The blue sky stands for Heaven and eternal life and the golden flowers bring to mind the Resurrection, as do the green leaves of new growth. The blue and yellow also bring to mind the situation in Ukraine.

As we contemplate the mystery of the Cross and Resurrection, let us pray that all people might recognise God's love for them and that justice and peace might prevail wherever in the world there is conflict. 

Wishing you and yours every blessing at Easter and always.

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