Tuesday, 29 March 2022

March madness


testing Japanese red carbon transfer  . . .
© Teresa Newham

March has been a disjointed, often chaotic month.  It began with a period of self isolation and a hospital all clear for me, closely followed by my husband going down with shingles; Lent has continued to challenge us, with COVID putting paid to a number of meetings and art time enjoyed on the hoof as the month has progressed.

. . . and finding the solution
© Teresa Newham

I did make some test prints to see why Japanese Red Carbon transferred to the first layer of the redwings print: it was because I used extender with the ink. A further test showed that this is solved by curing the carbon design for 24 hours, similar to other types of carbon. Luckily the two subsequent layers I've managed to do have covered the marks. I continue to wonder when - and how - this print will be finished.

the next layer of the redwings reduction linocut
© Teresa Newham

I spent an enjoyable morning helping out at The Workhouse Dunstable - Storm Eunice had put paid to my February session. There was plenty of new work to see both on the walls and on the shelves, and the changeover was about to happen for the new exhibition Spring Open 22, which runs from 30th March - 30th April. 

a morning at The Workhouse Dunstable
© Teresa Newham

Easter is fast approaching, and true to form while short of time, I've decided on a bit of an experiment for this year's Easter card.  I can't show you any more here as I don't want to spoil what I hope will be a lovely surprise.  I have no idea whether this experiment will work or what I shall do if it doesn't . . . 

something of an experiment
© Teresa Newham

I was glad to hear that The Open Door, the community and arts space and café in Berkhamsted, are having an exhibition from 4th - 24th April in aid of the DEC Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal. I've put in two pieces which I hope will sell, and a number of greetings cards.  Appropriately enough several of these are paintings of sunflowers - I may no longer have the originals but hopefully the cards will be popular!

my pieces for Art for Ukraine
© Teresa Newham

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  1. Workhouse Dunstable - really interesting place, well worth a look! So pleased you're displaying there.