Monday, 25 July 2011

bikes to blog about

red bike, yellow door

Who said getting married and moving house within the space of a few months was a good idea?  yes, it was me.  This punishing schedule has played havoc with my creativity already this year and we haven't even got into our new home yet . . . so I've cheated for this month's photos on the run and used a mixture of old and new photos;  some from my regular walks along the Thames and some from various trips I've made to Oxford.  I did have more, but can I lay my hands on them? don't ask . . .

The photo above is the one which gave me the idea for the July photos.  I knew I had plenty of bike pics taken in Oxford, but I needed some more recent ones.  So I started to look for bikes - there are plenty in London, too, but they're not necessarily going to make a decent photo.  So last Friday I was delighted to find the one below - I think somebody up there must have known I was looking!

bike, boat, bridge, St Paul's


  1. Really effective - it's amazing what an apparently simple subject will yield in terms of colour, light, interest, contrasts etc.!

  2. I like this idea. I could see a whole series of bike pictures. Sometimes flowers get boring you know?

  3. thanks LM - I love taking photos of bikes and have more which I could have published LOL.