Saturday, 6 August 2011

matching and making

In the midst of preparing to move house, I've been working on a commission which arose out of my exhibition at Art on the Common.  My client saw one of my Acer Leaf monoprints and contacted me shortly afterwards to find out if I could produce one using specific colours.  She sent me a sample of wallpaper and I set about making colour swatches to ensure that I could match it.

wallpaper sample and colour swatches

I'd made the original monoprints in a couple of days apiece, but as this was a commission it needed to be done properly, so I laid down the base colour (lightening it as I went to get the correct shade) and left it to dry for a week before attempting to work on any leaves.  I had to make sure that the first leaf matched the wallpaper but remained dark enough to be seen against the white background:

first leaf laid down
Then I had to be patient again for a week while that dried completely!  however, working this way did mean that the printing fitted in well in around my other commitments.  The wallpaper included a silver stripe so a metallic silver was the next colour to go on.

applying metallic silver to the Acer leaf
The following weekend things got really exciting as it was time for the final colour.  I had a total of six prints - necessary in case any got spoiled - and decided to try three with gold and three with copper.  Then I hung them to dry for the last time.

makeshift drying rack
The client has chosen one of the prints with a copper leaf - which I also preferred.  Here is one of its companions to give an idea of what the finished prints are like:

one of the final prints with metallic copper and silver

As I'd never done anything as a commission before, I was relieved that the client liked the result.  In fact I don't know which of us was more pleased with the outcome!


  1. A really excellent result - artistically and in terms of client satisfaction! It looks gorgeous!

  2. What a terrific thing to have happen. I love them all of course. And I'm sure your ego felt terrific too. :) Well done.

  3. Thanks! It certainly was a boost to be approached in that way! and I learned a lot from doing it, too LOL.