Monday, 30 August 2021

Summer's Lease

 Summer's lease hath all too short a date . . .  - William Shakespeare, Sonnet 18

Wildflower meadow, Cambridgeshire
© Teresa Newham

As summer draws to a close I'm taking a look back through my photos. I've been further afield than I remember, and you'd never know that the weather hasn't been that good: probably because I only get my camera out with real enthusiasm when it's sunny.  

wildlife at the Weald & Downland Museum, West Sussex
© Teresa Newham

In June, the wild flowers were out in force, thanks to a burst of warmth following a cold and protracted spring.  The wildlife photos were taken at the Weald & Downland Museum in early August. As for July, well, see my post about Childwickbury Arts Fair - it stands out as one of the few dry weekends we've had.

still life at the same museum
© Teresa Newham

I took the photo above in one of the museum's many reconstructed houses; I think this one was mediaeval.  I'd taken my DSLR with me and was delighted with this shot - I reckon it only needs a bunch of grapes and a dead pheasant to be reminiscent of a still life by a Dutch Master.

rowan berries in the lanes
© Teresa Newham

By mid month berries were appearing in the hedgerows and the chilly breeze showed all the signs of approaching autumn.  How could that be, I wondered, when we were still waiting for some proper summer sunshine?

Rosa Rugosa, Dorset
© Teresa Newham

Towards the Bank Holiday we spent a few sunny days in Dorset.  I liked this Rosa Rugosa so much, I'm trying to work out where I can put one in the garden.  The rosehips were enormous!  We were in the middle of farming country, surrounded by fields of sheep and cattle, and tractors pulling unfeasibly large loads of hay bales.

sheep, Dorset
© Teresa Newham

It wouldn't be right to finish this post without mentioning the hollyhocks, which have been absolutely everywhere this year. In every place I've been, including close to home, they've been blooming their socks off - so much so that I feel an artwork coming on. Maybe they've thrived on that dodgy weather? 

hollyhocks - everywhere!
© Teresa Newham

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  1. You've certainly made the most of an indifferent summer!