Saturday, 15 January 2022

Time to remember . . .


© Teresa Newham

January is a good time to share some of the images from the calendar I put together every year for family and friends.  Usually there's a mix of local photos and ones taken further afield, but for the second year running the pandemic has forced me to concentrate closer to home.

© Teresa Newham

The January pic was taken at a local golf course on my mobile phone during one of my daily walks - I love sunlight, shadows and trees - while February's close up of a hibernating ladybird came courtesy of my Canon EOS in the back garden. As the subject was asleep I had plenty of time to get the right shot.

© Teresa Newham

March and April are both mobile phone pictures snapped on walks - I spotted the catkins at the edge of the estate so the composition is angled to avoid including rooftops.  I came across the beautiful April scene while strolling in the local lanes.

© Teresa Newham

Unfortunately the weather has not been so kind last year as it was during the first lockdown, which meant I have not been able to take a longer walk as often as I would have liked.  The picture I chose for May is another one from the estate, carefully cropped to hide the fact that it's peeping over somebody's garden fence.

© Teresa Newham

June's poppies were just begging to be photographed at Millbridge Meadows in Gamlingay. A cheerful reminder of Summer, which is just what we need right now, and a good place to pause!

© Teresa Newham

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